lunes, 30 de junio de 2014


X-Men are extraordinary human beings.
People performing extraordinary actions, incredible achievements, rule breakers, record beaters ...

Athletes, celebrities, scientists, doctors, politicians, company founders, start up gurus, visionaires ...

Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Mandela, Gandhi, Sam Walton, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs ...

When you take a look at these people´s biographies you can firmly determine that luck or destiny was essential in their careers. A luck understood as the chance they had to find what they really do best.

That is too much luck I would say. When someone finds what he is good at, what he can do with passion and ambition, what they can achieve, ... impossible goals, mainly dreams for most of the mortals ... Definitively, you find the meaning of luck here.

Luck can also be that moment when something uncontrolled happens and fixes the whole thing on the line to serve your future extraordinarily. Nevertheless, I think sooner or later many of the people mentioned before would find their outdoor escape to find their route to success.

I do not imagine Steven Spielberg giving up his illustrous career just because his first short was not admitted or awarded in a movie contest. Or I just wonder how many NOs would have been necessary to brake him from succeeding so remarkably ...

But maybe Michael Phelps could not have found their career if his parents would not have sent him to swim just because he was really problematic. Or maybe Usain Bolt would not be a velocist if not born in Jamaica, the land of the fastest men on earth.

Or maybe yes ... Maybe sooner or later, their talent would break up and emerge in any direction and this would define their successful career as well.

The wealthiest athlete in history is Michael Jordan. A myth in basketball. But non drafted the first time for being skinny and a bit short. This did not brake MJ to continue pushing and practising to achieve his illustrous records and successful achievements. This is the point where I think we must analyze talent and luck very close together.

Just take a look at kids playing in a public park. You do not need to be a great observer to find out that every one is different and mostly we could separate these kids in groups according to their personalities and skills.

Some of them will look like agile and focused on sports. Others will be more active and unquiet. And others will be peaceful and reflexive. You can note that at a very short age.

If we are born with some determined skills and abilities, this will mark our future and our lives. Life would be then unfair. Some will be determined to succeed, others will have no chance to do it.

Or maybe yes ... Maybe it is a question of trying to find where your skills are focused and empower them to succeed. This way, we can firmly conclude everyone has the same opportunities to be really successful ...

To draw the triangle entirely, we are missing the environment.

Probably someone born in Africa with skills for music will never have the chance to succeed as a piano man if LUCK does not show up and change his destiny which probably be cattering or shepherding along the african plains...

I think I am getting really crazy thinking about all this. But I am sure Mr White ( BREAKING BAD main character ) would not become a drug dealer if a cancer had not appeared or even if his brother in law would not be a DEA agent.

Let´s ask Vince Gilligan then what he was thinking about when creating this TV series.

Or maybe we should ask him if his success with BREAKING BAD was LUCK or TALENT.

Or maybe Tony Soprano would not become the person he was if born in Buckhingham Palace and his life from his very birth were conducted to become King of England.

You never know ... Someone once said: " The tougher I try, the luckier I get ... "

Although, Shakespeare replied with " Luck is the term that fools use to describe destiny ... "

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
WWShares, Inc.


domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

I´m CEO, bitch !!!

This became the motto of a new generation. The revolution of youth.
Teenagers leading companies worth billions. Some began into a garage ... Others at the Stanford computer lab ...

Bill Gates, Jerry Yang, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, even Steve Jobs "the father of all of them" ...

A new generation that broke the rules and transformed the planet forever. The freedom of telling the world
"Here we are babies... " "... Fuck you HEADHUNTERS !!!" ... Fuck you HHRR MANAGERS !!! ... Fuck you ESTABLISHMENT !!! ...

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft ... Leading corporations worldwide worth billions of dollars in market value that transformed our lives and made their founders billionaires with less than 25 years old ...

INTERNET was the gate. Once opened, talent broke out and no one dare to ask for age, race or professional experience to these genius ...

"The New Kids on the Block" that became CEOs next day they decided to reinvent the world habits.

The question I ask myself around this is not other than whether this scenario would have been possible any place else but the US. I really do not think so. This explosion could only happen in a place where people do not ask your age or race or even if you are legal or illegal ... A country where the talent is the only thing that matters ...

Now, SILICON VALLEY is said to be living in a bubble. High rentals, low salaries, not so many start ups breaking records ... They say ISRAEL is the new home town for tech entrepeneurs ... Or even Chile, where the local government did a great effort to seed the entrepeneurial roots that could create a new tech start ups heaven right down south of America.

No matter the new places, everyone will know everything started 12 years ago in a valley close to SAN FRANCISCO. Everything started in the so famous BAY AREA.

California, Sunny weather, residential areas, nice university campuses, high profile students, freedom, money ... THE AMERICAN DREAM after all !!!

I cannot explain in further detail what is happening now in SILICON VALLEY. But I have one thing really clear, if there is a place where people can reinvent themselves, while reinventing the whole planet habits, that is the US of America.

The reason for this:
" It is fucking amazing to live in California ... "

Yes, you may think I am overexcited about this place but I invite you all to drive around this area for a few hours. After the tour, I could bet you how many of you finish the tour like: ... " I want to live in this awesome place forever ... !!!

Maybe you cannot explain the real reasons for this. The energy, the spirit of the people, the weather, the lifestyle, the sense of freedom after all ...

You and your iPad in front of SAUSALITO, sunbathing and watching skaters and sailors while designing what can be the next tech revolution... This is the BAY AREA.

And money, obviously money ... We are in the US, man  !!! ... Money rules the place !!! ... But even the homeless sleeping peacefully on the benches with great views of GOLDEN GATE and ALCATRAZ continue dreaming one day they will reinvent themselves again !!! ... Or maybe not, but they will be warm and tanned all time !!!

Continue placing your bets on the BAY AREA even though the difficulties. Although maybe late this year, ALIBABA.COM and WEIBO prove I am completely wrong.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014


I call thieves to all those who did nothing but to suck from those who really did or achieved something extraordinary.

A thief could be a private banker.
A thief could be a talent manager.
A thief could be a Beverly Hills realtor.
A thief could be a brand boutique personal shopper.
A thief could be an investment fund manager.
A thief could be a rich celebrity looking for private funds for his next movie or charity project.

Obviously, these are not illegal thieves. They are not court criminals. They did not commit a crime legally speaking. They are white glove thieves.

People that smell where the real wealth is and try to think not to create it themselves but to suck it from those who have it.

Most of them are called "advisors". Most of them are believed to be necessary in every industry. Most of them are thought to help covering necessities ...

And they are right. They are necessary. That is because they are not legal criminals.

I do not understand why Charlize Theron tries to tell the world "... Look how humanitarian I am ..." hosting a charity event when she alone with her huge fortune can help more than all the money she will get that day from those stupid people attending that event only to see her or to be seen.

A Beverly Hills realtor goal is to sell properties in Beverly Hills. His goal is to get a fee out of the wealthy people who decide to move or to buy an investment property in L.A. most famous neighborhood. Obviously, if you ask this realtor, he will tell you he is doing a job advising people or trying to find the adecuate property for the different profiles of clients.

They are right. Someone has to do that. That is true.

A private banker advises wealthy people to invest your money wisely. He gets a fee for management no matter if you win or lose and a custody fee for book keeping your assets.

He is doing a job ? ... Of course, he is doing a job but at what price ? ... So simple as to ask him why are you not extremely rich if you advise people how to manage their money wisely ? ... Uuuuh, a difficult question ... Never ask this to a private banker.

Talent managers are really nice. They get you good galas, they promote your career and they do the PR ... But they do this when you are already famous. I do not know any unknown actor or actress under a top management firm.

Do the castings and when you become really famous come and visit us ... We will help you with your career !! ...

The result of this is not other than many celebrities relying on her family ( father, brother ... ) to become their personal managers.

It is also true that when this happens and you rely on your family for your management duties they may not be professionals and can destroy your promising career.

So, once again, talent managers look necessary.

Uauuuu ... It looks as if my so called "thieves" were all necessary. They do a job.

Then, should I stop here and finish my post telling you I was completely wrong ... They do not look "thieves", they are real "advisors"...

Not to get distracted from the real picture, let´s try to analyze where the real wealth comes from ... That is the phase I am interested on. After that, we all know that "advisors" will come out and get their reward ...

Maybe that is the reason why sportsmen rely on their families to invest their money. Or simply, they just buy properties everywhere to invest the channel of funds they make every single year. Is it an efective investment method ? ... Maybe not, but at least, they do not have to pay fees up to 3-5% of their fortune every year to someone no matter if they make you win or lose money. They just get their own money and invest it buying properties everywhere. The easiest way to invest huge annual salaries.

Or maybe that is the reason why Amancio Ortega, INDITEX founder and the fourth richest man on earth, invest his "savings" buying buildings and emblematic properties all over the planet without relying on anyone else but his own and maybe limited instinct.

Or maybe that is the reason why Rafa Nadal has a foundation where his mom is the chairman and his future wife the responsible of projects. Apart from a coach which is his uncle and a money manager who results to be his father.

Or maybe that is the reason why Roger Federer´s wife is the only responsible for all areas but tennis playing of her husband PR duties.

Or even Messi, the world´s most famous soccer player, whose fortune is managed by his father.

I would like to send a message to all my "thieves". Listen guys, this is happening because there was a time where you decided to elevate your fees and many people realised you were stealing them.

Your job is necessary. Of course, it is ... But, try to analyze your practices and value your job at a realistic level.

You will find out conclusions that will make you keep your status longer. Otherwise, maybe the so called "advisors" could be disappearing any time soon.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc.
-Private Wealth Advisors-

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Why we like money so much ??

Most of the time I wonder why people get so addicted to money.
Paper money has no link with any gold standard any more. And at the same time, money is useless within the most apocalyptic scenarios.

Maybe some water tanks or even prolific crops can save humanity. But for sure, money would become worthless if these scenarios show up in the near future.

Even gold or diamonds would be useless as well since I did not meet anyone yet capable of surviving just for having them, unless these are transformed into first need goods.

So, why we love MONEY ?? ... Maybe because it can buy things. It can procure a better life or incredible experiences to those who just climbed up the so famous Maslow pyramid ...

Obviously, it has to be dollars or euros, maybe japanese yen or even australian dollars ...All other currencies could become worthless soon. Even BITCOINS revealed to be a very fragile invention ... Not very sustainable and secure I would say.

Wealthy people use to fill in their safes within offshore banks with gold and jewels. None of these would have any value even though the parity with dollar continues for the time being. In cases of extreme necessity the conversion would suffer a huge devaluation reducing its value to a mere petty cash.

US dollars can still buy a nice private  jet though. A great experience such as sleeping under the Maldives sea or even dining at Al Mahara restaurant can be affordable as well for some.

Amangiri can result great for some rest while enjoying an exclusive nature spot. Full of amenities, of course. Or even you can wake up one day and decide to attend the OSCARS for the modic price of 80.000 dollars a ticket.

Driving an AVENTADOR shall be pretty amazing. Moreover, when you tell those looking at your car that 500.000 dollars can be enough to avoid taking 100 taxis a day in one year.

Or even an IWC watch valued at 200.000 dollars can be useful to tell the world that the time is important for you.

Then it comes the power issue. MONEY buys power or POWER creates money ??? ...

It is a waste of time to think about this since both things are the same. MONEY and POWER are two twins born the same way, the same time ...

If you want to become president of the United States, you need a lot of money. If you become president of the United States you enjoy power and sooner or later, you will have money as well.

POWER and MONEY are two roads that will derive together whether you plan it or not.

Poor people just have fun thinking about "What can still NOT be purchased with money ??" ... Some say the eternel life, others the unlimited longevity, ...

Suddenly I read that top billionaires around the globe are investing secretly huge sums of money in research about cell manipulation to avoid or delay elderness, to avoid the most killing diseases ... Some of these can also afford complex medical checks every year and some of them even purify their blood from time to time. None of these yet achieved to live eternally, but for sure they have the MONEY to try it.

250.000 dollars per ticket is the price to fly with VIRGIN GALACTIC into the outer space. Maybe some day, RYANAIR will do that for 12 bucks one way. But till that moment, only wealthy people will test how it feels when you take a look out there.

Some say living would be possible in the medium term outside the earth. For sure, the first space communities on sale will not be public and accesible to all of us.

Maybe for all this, money still matters ... The only thing now is to continue thinking what rich people cannot still buy ... The more you think about this, the more you will give them new ideas to live much better than you.

JL Revilla Escudero
WWShares, Inc.
-Private Wealth Advisors-


sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Who becomes rich at WALL STREET ??? ...

The answer is simple. If you want to get rich at WALL STREET, you have two options :

- Get closer to those who influence the key market trends.
- Be one of those who manage other people´s money.

I am usually asked what I do for a living. I just answer that I buy stocks. Inmediately after my answer, those ones asking me, realize I must be extremely rich.

Stock exchange has always meant wealth. And those who work around, must be rich. Otherwise, they would not be working around anymore...

When Barack talks about WALL STREET it seems he is only talking to 5 people:
... JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley - CEOs ...

These CEOs bonuses make laugh of all those high paid athletes we get so surprised of their salaries. They make laugh of all those HOLLYWOOD wages as well, ... Even the WEINSTEIN brothers could well look really poor if put together with one of those "top" executives.

If you asked one of these CEOs ... What do you do for a living ??? ...

They would answer they do NOT buy stocks. That is maybe the reason why they are richer than me ...

At least STOCK GAINS is not the main explanation for their wealth. I would certainly say that they receive stocks for free, part of their bonus obviously ... Or I could even dare to say they do not even buy the most prolific financial products they offer to their own VIP clientele.

They just make money advising others what to do. Managing other people´s money and intermediating big corporate transactions from those businesses they did not even help to build up.

A 1,7% management fee for managing my portfolio means that if I give these guys a mandate to manage my 10 million dollar fortune, no matter if at the end of the year I lost part of this money because of a bad year at the markets, I will have to pay these guys the fee.

The management fee, the custody fee and obviously all the fees regarding the BUY and SELL orders they execute with my money.

Yes, I know what you are thinking... Why the hell we give these guys our money ??? ...

I am very sorry but I did not give them mine and I do not have an answer why there is people who do it ...

Maybe the reasons are that STEVEN SPIELBERG makes movies and have no time to manage a huge fortune like his. Maybe Lebron JAMES do not even know what an IPO is ... Or even Barack Obama has no option to leave his money save at the WHITE HOUSE safe box.

Next IPO should be TWITTER. Who is gonna make money with it ??? ... The final investor ??? ... Probably, why not ??? ... But try to understand the risk and the profits all the other parts are going to make with TWITTER.

I would really like to be the investment bank who makes the IPO possible. Risk zero.

The founders, the venture capitalists, the early investors ... they all ran a certain risk in a certain moment of this company life. But do you think the investment banks who drive the final IPO of these start ups are running any risk ??? ... And do you know the remuneration they make with it ??? ...

They say they secure the IPO. Do you think they run a risk for this ??? ... You really know who are going to secure the operation, right ???

Obviously if Citi conducts the IPO, their research analysis department as well as the funds where other people trust their money to Citi will suddenly be good TWITTER participants.

Oh no, I am sorry .... I am getting wrong !!!! ...

I forgot about the separation of functions within the big banking conglomerates !!! ... Something like Analysis at the 5th floor, Investment banking at the 6th floor, Wealth Management at the 7th floor ... All of them within the same Broad Street building.

Nice. Really nice.

So, next time you meet someone and if you dare to ask him what he does for a living try to make him specify what side he is playing the "game" ...

Barack Obama was going to finish with the WALL STREET privileges. At least that is what he promised. Well, WALL STREET executives are making more money than ever and SP500 is at the peak of all time thanks to the policies coming from Washington DC.

Barack Obama promised to cut WALL STREET bonuses. Barack Obama promised to finish the irrationality of the big banks profits.

Barack Obama promised the credit lines would run again into the real entrepeneurs and the real economy...

Well, you know now who are the ones who always win ...

JL Revilla Escudero
WWShares, Inc.


sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

CREATIVITY creates Jobs ???

The Movie industry is said to be an industry.
The Music industry is said to be an industry as well.
Internet would be an industry itself.

If we all agree with this, we can continue debating wether these are prolific or non prolific EMPLOYMENT generating "sources".

Official Unemployment rate is not real. 7,4% data released yesterday does not represent the reality of a high level of underemployed workforce as well as the demand for top graduates from main US schools.

They get a job ??? ... Probably yes, but not the same way as seven years ago. Are we in the right path to a full recovery capable of bringing back this full employment "mana" ??? ... I am not quite sure ...

How many "new" engineers need GOOGLE every year ??? ... Better said, how many new "GOOGLEs" are we going to see in the next decades ??? ...

What about APPLE ??? ... The Cupertino company demands more and more engineers or economists every year ??? ...

1 engineer in Cupertino or Mountain View involves more than 100 workers in Asia.

"Designed in California, ensembled in China" ...Just turn around your iPhone and this is what you see ...

What about the MOVIE industry ??? ...

I must admit this is a very intensive workforce industry. But will it continue being so for the next decades ??? ... Maybe if you do not get inside the HOLLYWOOD CELEB world you do not realise how many people depend on this industry.

In a simple movie premiere, you can count from the hostesses, the waiters, the PRs, the camera men at the event, the producers of the event, the intermediaries reselling tickets and invitations, the venue rental, the catering, the sponsors, the journalists covering the premiere ...

Imagine a super movie production of around 250 million dollars. Maybe 500 people working continuously for more than 2-3 years ... It is a very intensive sector, of course it is ... But are we sure it is a "new jobs" generating industry ??? ...

Let´s go further deep inside the point here. Key words: RELOCATION, Low cost WORKFORCE, OUTSOURCING ...

Do you usually remain seated while the title credits run after watching a movie at your theatre ??? ... Probably not, but if you do it you will see the effects of "that" RELOCATION, low cost WORKFORCE ... Or even the tax credits for filming the movie overseas instead of doing it "at home"... That becomes very common now within the Movie industry ....

What about the digital world ??? .... Will it create jobs or dismantle huge employment intensive structures ??? ... Can a local New Delhi agency readapt the work of 100 employees based now in San Fernando Valley studios ??? ...

Philosophers use to say that EMPLOYMENT is not destructed but transformed in other segments, in other areas of activity ....

If someone was really good with the make-up, now his/her job will be to design digitally the make-up of cartoons in the new Disney animated movies ....

A very efficient In Line producer will be replaced by a good programmer designing an auto feedback software to control costs at the movie set...

Could be ... But my feeling about all this stays in the point that new generations will have to change the habits and taste for determined studies, focusing more on areas where the real demand of jobs will grow.
As well, many employees will have to become freelance to survive ... And a full generation of adult workers will not probably work again.

It sounds hard. But the trend points out that way and it is going to be very tough to divert it ...

I do not forget the Music industry. But I think you all know now what the figures show ...

An industry devastated by the "digitalisation" ... Other words, an industry devastated by the substitution of intensive workforce for maybe 2-3 engineers ...

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc.
-Private Wealth Advisors-


miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013


Townsend is not a classic spy. Townsend is not an iconic secret service agent. At least, not as the ones many moviemakers, writers or journalists have tried to sell us along the years ...

If someone makes a movie with Townsend as main cast it will probably ruin the box office expectations of any avid hollywood producer ...

Or maybe not. Maybe if the script is nice enough to keep us fastened to our seats, the story could well break B.O. records ...

Of course, if you get closer to the Pentagon in Washington DC. Or even if you try to drive along Langley, Virginia you will see that no all spies have to look like Pierce Brosnan. Maybe "M" or "Moneypenny" should not be the closest image of the reality as well.

Townsend lived in Hawaii. He is 29 years old. He makes around 200.000 dollars a year and he has a beautiful girlfriend.... Obviously, the question here is:

Was his life so boring so that to reveal the biggest leak of information in the history of the US spionage ??? ... Because only the need for an action movie experience could well explain why he decided to do what he did.

Or maybe not. Maybe he suffered some kind of ethical psychotic break that made him tell the world:
"Listen guys, you are being spied !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...."

I laugh now remembering the security breach accusations against Facebook. The breach was the NSA itself ... Come on guys !!! ... This is so crazy !!!! ....

My cousin Pili asked me two years ago what I though about social networks. I answered her that for me, social networks meant the biggest exposure ever of the privacy of human beings .... She replied that was not true, since "the user can select the range of friends or informations to be deployed " ... Obviously, she was talking about interfaces and user point of views. Not many people realised that big servers were storing all this information no matter if you cut it or not in twitter or facebook ....

I added to Pili, that for me, this was great for governments since they had all the info necessary to keep the civilians under control, and it was at the same time, a powerful tool to deploy high level spy connection routes.

China said NO to Google and Facebook, but said YES to Baidu and Weibo. Other words, China said NO to the US to avoid americans to control the whole world, but said YES to control it themselves.

Townsend says now he is not a hero either a traitor. He only wants to tell the world what it is really happening.

I do not believe you, Townsend !!! .... I mean, I would not do it, man !!!.... You are revealing secret service information, and that is not a game. But who knows what made you do that .... The only thing I can tell you as a civilian is thank you to tell us a bit more what is behind the curtains.

Your future looks cloudy. Hong Kong is a nice play to stay, assuming you are still there ... Remember folks !!! .... This is real life spionage, maybe Townsend is playing the game wisely.

Nice story to keep us excited along the long and boring summer. Bad news for HOMELAND audience shares ...

Yes folks !!! .... I prefer action movies live than a recorded series.

Obama said "all americans should watch HOMELAND"... Now, he has his own TV series, ... but live !!!

Obama always wanted to be there, as a celebrity, as an actor ... Here we are baby !!!!

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc.
-Private Wealth Advisors-